IMAI roundtable Cybersecurity, COV-19 and the impact of AI

Using AI to accelerate the Cyber Security industry and the support the IMAI initiative can offer.

This event explored How COV-19 has impacted the Cybersecurity Industry, and questioned how AI has alleviated any of that impact – including a panel discussion with contributors from experts and innovation in this area.

Contributors include:

Dr (Berndt) Bertie Müller – Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Swansea University
Dr Budgie Dhanda – Co-Chair at UK Cyber Security Council Formation Project
Kiran Bhagotra – Founder, ProtectBox
Prof. Pete Burnap – Professor of Data Science & Cybersecurity at Cardiff University
Rob Newby – Founder, Procordr

The Office for Artificial Intelligence hosted this Roundtable, providing a forum for questions and feedback towards policy.