AI on the Big Screen

Finally. After years and years of seeing AIs going rogue, we now have the pleasure of experiencing a “good AI” in a new film by Shawn Levy based on a story by Matt Lieberman and playing in cinemas right now. The AI I’m talking about is that of the NPC called Guy, a bank teller in Free City. He is good natured (if you can even say that of an AGI) and makes the virtual world he’s acting in a better place. I’m not going to review the film here, but cannot but express my joy at seeing an AI on the big screen doing good things.

Don’t get me wrong, this is far from a realistic portrayal of current AI capabilities. The film is not meant to educate about AI but to entertain. However, seeing something that uses AI for the “greater good” on the big screen is a first step to a more balanced public view of what this technology has to offer for society. It is clear that the onus is on the AI developer to use the technology responsibly … and I don’t want to even think about what it could have meant for the poor people of Free City if Antwan had had the technological skills to modify the AI for his purposes.

AISB21 (online)

The Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour (AISB) will host it’s annual convention from 7-9 April. The daily schedule is now available to view and download:

The event includes more than 50 individual presentations, as well as panel sessions and discussions, show-and-tell demonstrations, plus plenary lectures.

The convention is free to all AISB members without registration. For information about AISB membership, click ‘join AISB’ on

Our plenary lectures are as follows:

Wednesday 7 April
Prof Sophie Scott
Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London
‘The science of laughter’

Thursday 8 April
Prof Peter Robinson
Professor of Computer Technology, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
‘Computation of emotions’

Friday 9 April
Dr Sabine Hauert
Associate Professor in Robotics, Robotics Laboratory, University of Bristol
‘Swarms for people’

You can find more information about these and the other talks here:

IMAI roundtable Cybersecurity, COV-19 and the impact of AI

Using AI to accelerate the Cyber Security industry and the support the IMAI initiative can offer.

This event explored How COV-19 has impacted the Cybersecurity Industry, and questioned how AI has alleviated any of that impact – including a panel discussion with contributors from experts and innovation in this area.

Contributors include:

Dr (Berndt) Bertie Müller – Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Swansea University
Dr Budgie Dhanda – Co-Chair at UK Cyber Security Council Formation Project
Kiran Bhagotra – Founder, ProtectBox
Prof. Pete Burnap – Professor of Data Science & Cybersecurity at Cardiff University
Rob Newby – Founder, Procordr

The Office for Artificial Intelligence hosted this Roundtable, providing a forum for questions and feedback towards policy.