The Vicious Circle

Challenged by some obscure maths notations? Need to know more about functions and how they relate to computer programs? Believe everything is computable? Want to make a computer think or want to think like a computer?

No guaranteed answers here, but sometimes raising more questions clarifies the original ones … Join our mathematical reading group at the University of South Wales. Currently, I am joined by three of our PhD students … intrigued? Just contact me.

LAM’12 deadline approaching

The 5th International Workshop on Logics, Agents, and Mobility (LAM’12) will be held at the University of Hamburg in conjunction with the 33rd International Conference on Application and Theory of Petri Nets and Concurrency.

The deadline for submission of papers (including work-in-progress reports and surveys) is 15 April 2012.

Submissions should not exceed 15 pages, preferably using the LaTeX article or LNCS class. The following formats are accepted: PDF, PS.

Please send your submission electronically via the EasyChair-LAM’12 site.

Find out more about LAM’12 and the LAM workshop series at

Guest Editor for Fundamenta Informaticae

Fundamenta Informaticae will publish a special issue dedicated to the best papers of LAM’10 and LAM’11. The issue is scheduled for Autumn 2012 and will contain extended and revised versions of papers presented at the workshops as well as other original work related to Agents, Logics, and Mobility.

I will act as guest editor for this issue with co-editor Melvin Fitting. The official call for papers will be issued later this month.